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ETHICAL BEAN Coffee ~ Bold Ground Dark Roast

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Here's a coffee you can feel good about. These Arabica organic, fair trade coffee beans hail from Guatemala. This ground bold dark roast makes for a strong, dark and smoky flavored brew. Use with drip, French press, or pour-over coffee makers--it also makes a nice cold brew. Ethical Bean keeps close tabs on the journey from farmer to the consumer and issues a QR code on each bag so you can verify the source and roasting date. 

  • Traceable, fair trade, organic and seasonally sourced beans expertly roasted and ground
  • This variety features a bold, dark roast
  • 100% ARABICA COFFEE: Edgy on the one hand, yet seductively smooth on the other
  • USDA ORGANIC COFFEE: Grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
  • 100% FAIRTRADE CERTIFIED: Ensures farmers receive a fair price that covers their average costs of sustainable production
  • PRE-GROUND COFFEE BEANS: Ready for use in drip, pour-over or French press coffee brewers
  • TRACE THIS COFFEE'S UNIQUE JOURNEY: Scan the QR code on each pack using our free app or enter the lot number into our website to follow the journey of your coffee beans from crop to cup
  • ETHICAL BEAN COFFEE: We believe that fair trade doesn’t have to live on the fringe. Using only 100% Fairtrade Certified and Organic beans, we do our best to live up to the “ethical” in our name—providing a fair wage to the farmers who produce our coffee