Baking With a Bulldog--Changes coming soon!

if you've followed us for a bit, you know that when we started Boulevard Baking, we actually had two websites. We had as our store and we had a sister site called Baking With a Bulldog, with recipes and tips featuring Tyson, the baking bulldog. We heard from some very smart people that we should have everything in one place, and so we've started to making some changes. We've rebranded our blog (below) as Baking With a Bulldog. Now all of our tips and recipes will have a new home! Tyson has been gaining his own following too, so we will soon be featuring some great Tyson products! We still have the Baking With a Bulldog website and YouTube channel, but will be working on updating and combining these over the next few months as well. Stay tuned! Much more to come!

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