About Us


The idea for this store started with a spatula that kept losing its head. Now, it might seem a little extreme to found a baking store because of this--but it's true. I hated this spatula. Every time I'd use it, the head would fall off. It would get stuck in brownie batter. It got lost in the frosting. And there was that one incident with bread dough where it almost made it into the oven. Almost.

I wanted a good spatula--one piece, silicon with some weight behind it. And long enough to keep my hand out of the mixing bowl. I did the usual searches that everyone does--and couldn't find anything I liked. Some were too flimsy, or too short. Or, the ones I did find that I liked were much more expensive than they needed to be.

Around this time, my daughter was moving into her first apartment and I was helping her equip her kitchen. And, it was a similar experience. We could order things online from a huge retailer, but most of the time these things were not as nice in person. Or, we could go to one of the boutique kitchen stores and find something nice, but pay a lot more than we should. And I thought we could do better than that.

We live in a world where we can find a million varieties of anything online, but it's hard to know where to find the good stuff. Our mission was to find the good stuff and put it one place--so it's easy for our customers to find.

So, how do we solve the case of the headless spatula? By offering nice items at fair prices in a website that's easy to use with customer service that's hard to beat. Let us help you find the right things for your kitchen.

Need a good spatula? You can find our new favorite below:

SOLID SILICONE Spatulas / Scrapers in Black or Red