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CUISINART Full Size Oven Mitts with Neoprene Grip

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High quality and heat-resistant full size oven mitts from Cuisinart made with soft insulating fabric and a hanging loop.  Protect your hands while cooking or moving hot trays, pots and dishes using this full size pair of Chambray oven mitts. The non-slip neoprene surface makes it easy to grip dishes or utensils. The full size can protect your hands, wrists and forearms. Cleaning is easy--hand wash or spot clean and let them air dry. Store them in a drawer or use the hanging loops for quick access. As seen on Baking With a Bulldog on YouTube!

  • Set includes 2 full size oven mitts
  • Approx. dimensions, each: 13"L x 6.75"H
  • Cotton with neoprene grip
  • Hand wash