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STAINLESS STEEL Dough Scraper / Chopping Tool with Ruler

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This is one of our favorite tools for baking--especially with anything that has to be kneaded or rolled out. This tool can cut, smooth, scrape and even smash! The edge is great for cutting dough and the ruler helps guide you in making uniform shapes/sizes.

One of our favorite tips is to use this for flouring a surface (before rolling or kneading). Just sprinkled some flour on your board/counter and use the ruled edge to make a smooth layer of flour! Check out the videos on to see how it's done. 

You can also use this for cake decorating--the ruled edge is also perfect for creating an even crumb coat or spreading icing on the sides of a layer cake. 

This tool is also great for crushing a clove of garlic. Just put the flat surface over your garlic and smash! 

Made from stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.