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Oliver Pluff & Co ~COLONIAL BOHEA~ Tin with 20 Teabags

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Bohea is a distinctive black tea blend with a light smoky flavor. It was so popular in colonial times that bohea became the common word for tea. It was imported in larger quantities than all other teas combined, and it was the majority of tea destroyed during the tea tax protests in revolutionary America. 242 chests of Bohea tea were destroyed during the Boston Tea Party.

The signature tin helps keep your tea fresh. Tin artwork is (appropriately) a political cartoon by none other than Benjamin Franklin. This unique tea is hand packaged in Charleston, South Carolina by Oliver Pluff and Co., a veteran-owned business. 

Each tin contains 20 teabags

For best results, brew in 195 degree water for 3-5 minutes

Total Weight: 3.93 oz. Width: 2.75 inches. Height: 5.25 inches. Depth: 2.75 inches.

  • COLONIAL BOHEA - Pronounced “Boo-hee”, the hand-picked leaves of this historical black tea variety blend beautifully to display aromas of orange and wine, all while carrying with it a distinctive warmth and smoky feel. 
  • A TASTE OF HISTORY - Bred among volcanic rock in the harsh mountainside terrain of the Wuyi Mountains, Bohea was by far the largest tea import in colonial times. So popular that the word Bohea became slang for tea, its fragrant, high-quality elegance was enjoyed by the colonists in the New World. Bohea was traded heavily by the British and Dutch East India Companies, and extensively smuggled during the resistance that led to the Boston Tea Party.
  • RICH & SMOKY - Reminiscent of a crisp morning vivid with fiery foliage, the warmth of Bohea dampens the dewy chill and politely reminds you to appreciate the gift of stillness before the day begins. Fragrant and vivacious, this caffeinated tea is perfect for early conversations, afternoon council, and everything in between.